Special HPMC for self-leveling LK400 Cellulose ether with low Viscosity

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1.MODCELL® HPMC LK400 is a kind of Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose with low viscosity, is multifunctional additive for ready mixes and dry mix products. It is a high efficient water retention agent, thickener, stabilizer, adhesive, film-forming agent in building materials.
2.MODCELL® HPMC LK400 is developed special HPMC for self-leveling compound. It has very low viscosity. It can be applied both in cement and gypsum based products. HPMC LK400 provides unique anti-sediment property of self-leveling floor mortar.
3.MODCELL® HPMC LK400 is applicable for producing self-leveling floor mortar, and all kinds for dry mortar products that requests lower thickening property.

Special HPMC for self-leveling 2

special HPMC for self-leveling


Name Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose
Type LK400
CAS NO. 9004-65-3
Appearance White freely flowing powder
Bulk density 320-400mg/l
Methyl content 19.0-27.0 (%)
Hydroxypropyl content 7.0-12.0 (%)
Gelling temperature 70-75 (℃)
Moisture content ≤8.0(%)
PH value 7.0--9.0
Residue(Ash) ≤3.5 (%)
Viscosity (2% solution) 350-400 (mPa.s,NDJ-1)
Package 25 (kg/bag)


Self leveling floor mortar
➢ Gypsum based putty
➢ Dry mixed mortar

Main performance:

Water retention
➢ Good anti-sediment efficiency
➢ Good early strength 

Storage and package:

Store in a dry and cool place in its original package. After the package is opened for production, tight re-sealing must be taken as soon as possible to avoid ingress of moisture;

Package: 25kg/bag, multi-layer paper plastic composite bag with square bottom valve opening, with inner layer polyethylene film bag.

Shelf life:

The warranty period is two years. Use it as early as possible under high temperature and humidity, so as not to increase the probability of caking.

Product safety:

Hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose HEMC LE100M does not belong to hazardous material. Further information on safety aspects is given in Material Safety Data Sheet.

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