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Redispersible Polymer Powder

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Redispersible Polymer Powder

The redispersible polymer powder, also known as redispersible latex powder, is a free flowing white powder, which is obtained by drying through spray. When contacting water, the redispersible powder can be decomposed and a single dispersion particles can be released again. The redispersible polymer powder has the same properties as the original scattered body, which is easy to transport, store and deal with.


Redispersible polymer powder function:

Improve the bonding strength and cohesion of mortar, improve the elastic bending strength, flexural strength and freeze-thaw resistance of materials, improve the weather resistance, durability, wear resistance and hydrophobicity of materials, reduce water absorption and improve construction performance , Reduce shrinkage, can effectively prevent cracking.


Main fields of application:

◇Tile Adhesive

◇External wall thermal insulation system bonded mortar

◇Plastering mortar for external wall insulation system

◇Tile grouting agent

◇Self-flowing cement mortar

◇Flexible putty for interior and exterior walls

◇Flexible anti-crack mortar

◇Rubber powder polystyrene particle insulation mortar

◇Dry powder coating

◇Polymer mortar products with high requirements for flexibility


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