Because ceramic tile has performance of heat bilges cold shrink, and cement based tile adhesives also exist such problem, when temperature or humidity changes, ceramic tile or tile adhesives can exist certain scalable and shrinkage phenomenon. So, if under particularly low temperature, fixing tile will cause a bad effect.

Cellulose ether (3)

In the problem what season cannot fix ceramic tile, actually it does not have a standard answer to speak at all, as climate difference of region.

Avoid summer and winter as far as possible, because summer rain is more, air humidity is bigger, lumber moisture content often exceeds levels, can affect decoration quality;

In winter, the air temperature is too low, can cause decoration material of coating, cement mortar to freeze, condensation time too slow, coagulated force reduced, affect decoration quality thereby. And in winter, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is very big.

So, it had better avoid summer and winter, choose spring or early autumn to fix ceramic tile, that will be better.

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Besides, it is very important to choose appropriate tile adhesive mortar.

Tile adhesive mortar with Cellulose ether, Re-dispersible polymer powder, Calcium formate, or others additives, can improve the mortar workability, adhesion, flexibility, adjust setting time. Appropriate proportion can meet different tile adhesive and fixing requirement.

Cellulose ether (HPMC/HEMC) can enhance water retention, make mortar not to dry up quickly in summer high temperature weather, improve workability. And increase plasticizing quality, mortar can be a better binder.


Re-dispersible polymer powder have excellent tensile bond strength, and excellent flexibility to prevent cracking. Re-dispersible polymer powder with hydrophobic grade introduce silicon alkyl materials, have strong hydrophobic effect, it is suitable for tile adhesive on kitchen and bathroom.

Calcium Formate: Shorten the setting time, it can avoid condensation time too slow at low temperatures, enhance early strength.

Post time: Nov-18-2021