Hydroxyethyl cellulose HEC is a kind of non-ionic,water-soluble polymer powder that is developed to improve working ability of dry mixed mortars.

It is widely used in Paints for interior wall & exterior wall, Stone paints and Texture paints.

In this article, let’s discuss the role of HEC in real stone paints.

HEC for real stone paints

Brief introduction of real stone paints

Real stone paint is a kind of painting that decorative effect similar to granite and marble. It is mainly made of natural stone powder of various colors, and is applied to the imitation stone effect of building exterior walls, also known as liquid stone. 


The building using real stone paint decoration, has a real natural color, giving persons with harmony, elegant, solemn beauty, suitable for all kinds of buildings indoor and outdoor decoration, especially in the curved building decoration, vivid. There is a return to the natural effect.


Real stone paint has fireproof, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, pollution resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, strong adhesion, never fade and other characteristics. It can effectively prevent the external environment of building erosion, prolong the life of the building. Because the real stone paint has good adhesion and resistance to freeze and thaw performance, so it is especially suitable for use in cold areas.


Real stone paint has the advantages of easy to dry, convenient construction and so on.


The role of hydroxyethyl cellulose in real stone paints

1.Prevent splash of the powder
Hydroxyethyl cellulose in the lacquer can prevent the lacquer powder transition scattering, increase the effective construction area, reduce the loss and environmental pollution.

2.Be in good quality
With hydroxyethyl cellulose, real stone paint products have highly adhesion. The quality of the product grade will be improved.

3.Strong anti – penetration effect of topcoat
With hydroxyethyl cellulose, real stone paint’ s structure is tight, paint’s color, luster are uniform when construction, and the amount of paint will be relatively reduced.

colorful stone paints4.The real stone paints made of hydroxyethyl cellulose has strong adhesion and good compatibility with emulsion. The film is more compact, so as to improve its water resistance and effectively prevent the phenomenon of whitening in the rainy season.

5.The real stons paints made of hydroxyethyl cellulose will have a special network structure, which can effectively prevent the powder from sinking, keep the product stable in the process of transportation and storage, and achieve good tin opening effect.

6.Construction is convenient
With hydroxyethyl cellulose made of real stone paint under construction, there is a certain liquidity, easy to make the product to maintain the same color when construction, at the same time, the construction skills are not high.

interior wallpaint7.Good mildew resistance

The special polymer structure can effectively prevent the invasion of mold.

It is suggested to add appropriate amount of antiseptic and mildew agent to ensure better effect.

Post time: May-06-2021