Silicon water repellent powder is suitable for cement dry mix construction chemicals. It can impart excellent water repellency to the material, greatly reducing materials’ water absorption rate, and does not affect the flexural strength and compressive strength. It can improve materials’ anti-contamination ability, at the same time not affecting the paintability of the materials.

Silicone hydrophobic powder

Hydrophobic agent advantages

1. High activity, good dispersibility, freely flowing;

2. Provide overall water resistance to materials, not film on the surface of the substrate;

3. Good fluidity and dispersion in dry mix powder;

4. Easy to disperse in water, does not affect the wet mixing and working performance of drymix powder;

5. It has the properties of inhibiting alkali and enhancing freeze-thaw resistance of base material, and is beneficial to keep beautiful and color of base material;

6. High weather resistance, uv resistance, provide long-term hydrophobic protection of the substrate, and will not weaken the strength of the substrate;

Water repellent

The powder water-repellent agent can be used in decorative mortar, water-resistant putty, joint filler, tile adhesive, waterproof coating, gypsum products and impermeable waterproof cement-based mortar, etc. It is suitable for various construction projects that need to be waterproof, anti-seepage and moisture-proof.


The water-repellent agent has outstanding bonding strength, can improve the flexibility of the mortar and has a longer open time. In addition to imparting excellent alkali resistance to the mortar, it can also improve the adhesion, flexural strength of mortar, water resistance, plasticity, abrasion resistance and workability, it has stronger flexibility in the flexible anti-cracking mortar.


Hydrophobic agent characteristics

1. Increase the hydrophobic performance of cement-based materials;

2. Reduce the absorption of water by materials;

3. Easy to mix with powdery materials and has little effect on the ease of use of the dry mix system;

4. Easy to disperse in water;

5. Prevents water from seeping into solidified cement-based materials through surface or capillary action;

6. Greatly reduce water absorption of cement-based materials, even in direct contact with water for up to 24 hours; 

7. Prevents external weathering by reducing the transport of water-soluble salts; 

8. Make cement-based material have stronger hydrophobicity; 

9. It has little effect on mechanical properties of solidified mortar;

moisture repellent mortar

The water-repellent agent enables the active material to be released in a timely manner when exposed to water, and forms a water-repellent protection after the substrate is cured. As a water-repellent additive, it can be used in dry-mixed mortar systems using cement and minerals as raw materials to prevent the capillary/pores in the material from absorbing water, greatly reducing the water absorption rate of the substrate, and providing the material with excellent water-repellent properties. It is especially suitable for sealant, putty, waterproof mortar, as well as plastering mortar and decorative mortar for external wall insulation system.

Post time: Dec-24-2021