The world’s largest hydropower station under construction — Baihetan Hydropower Station dam is about to reach the top.  There has been no temperature crack since the start of pouring of 8 million m³!

The world’s largest under construction and most difficult construction giant hydropower station ——Baihetan Hydropower Station. Sprint to the top of the whole line!


The dam construction process of Baihetan Hydropower Station sets many records:

Seismic parameters of 300-meter high arch dam — No. 1 in the world

For the first time in the world, low-heat cement concrete was used in the entire dam of a 300-meter high arch dam. The dam withstands total water thrust of 16.5 million tons — No. 2 in the world

Arch dam is 289 meters high — No. 3 in the world

concrete 1


The dam is the core building of the hydropower station project, undertake the important task of retaining water and releasing flood. The dam of Baihetan Hydropower Station is 300-meter-level concrete super-high double-curved arch dam. The maximum dam height is 289 meters, the arc length of the dam crest is 709 meters. The dam body is arranged with 6 diversion bottom holes, 7 flood discharge deep holes and 6 flood discharge meter holes, complex structure.


According to data from Jinsha River Hydrometeorological Center, 2020 Baihetan Hydropower Station Dam Area, 251 days of windy weather above level 7,  70.5% of the whole year. Climatic conditions in the location of Baihetan Hydropower Station brings many challenges to dam concrete pouring.

concrete 2

In addition to climate, the dam of Baihetan Hydropower Station was conquered a number of worldwide technical problems. No. 1 in the world in seismic parameters of a 300-meter ultra-high concrete arch dam, fills up the complex geological conditions, many technical gaps in the construction of ultra-high arch dams.

The use of low-heat cement concrete for the entire dam of a 300-meter super high arch dam, the use of innovative technology for the first-stage direct-buried high-precision construction of the gate slot, and the safe and efficient operation of seven double-platform cable cranes are the first in the industry. Intelligent construction information management has been established. Platform, to realize the fine management and control of the whole cycle of construction and operation, and the Baihetan Hydropower Station dam has become the most “smart” dam in history.

It is reported that concrete pouring of the main body of Baihetan Dam, the total volume reaches 8 million cubic meters, divided into 31 dam sections. There has not been a temperature crack since the pouring started. All indicators are met the “exquisite project” standard proposed by the Three Gorges Group.

In 2019, the dam took out 25.7 meters of concrete long core, the concrete core is smooth and dense, the aggregate is evenly distributed and has less air bubbles, submitted a high-quality concrete construction “transcript”.


Start of 2021, this 300-meter-level concrete super-high double-curvature arch dam, Sprint towards the top. It is expected that the dam will be poured to the top in May this year, it is the largest hydropower project under construction for the world. “July 1″ first batch of generating units put into production to lay a solid foundation.


Post time: Mar-18-2021