Our country coating enterprise already entered market terminal to fight for battle

Profit is the ultimate goal of a paint company, but in this competitive paint market, how can you stand? That is to understand the development of the industry and the status quo, do a variety of measures and preparation, to meet new challenges, increase their competitiveness.

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Some coating enterprises in Our country have entered the battle for market terminal

As coating market competition is more and more intense, network sale is more and more small profit change, the provincial agent that the original enterprise supports vigorously may turn into other coating brand agent at any time. Therefore, many coating enterprises have not only focused on the network sales above, but the formation of the development team, the industrial cluster carpet customer development. This year many paint enterprises happen to coincide in the marketing channel sink efforts. Bypassing dealers, facing customers directly, is more and more Shandong paint enterprises to take the sales strategy. A battle for the paint terminal is unfolding.

To the benefit of channel sinking, the person in charge of many paint enterprises reached a consensus -- can effectively reduce circulation link, accelerate capital turnover, also can give the end customer more profit space; It can weaken the discourse power of dealers and strengthen the market control of enterprises. Facing paint enterprises directly, it can also compress the living space of fake and inferior paint, further standardize the market competition order, maintain the vital interests of paint enterprises, and establish and expand the brand influence.

Paint market will usher in elimination tide in 3 to 5 years

Coating industry "a hundred flowers bloom", often say there are eight thousand enterprises, more than ten thousand brands. From the perspective of the development curve, the golden development period of the coating industry has passed. Rising costs, backward equipment, intensified market competition and other factors led to the closure of many small paint companies and distributors. Although it is impossible to accurately check exactly how many coating companies and brands there are, but it is certain that the phase of elimination of coating industry has begun to kick off.

The sales channel of coating company begins from the beginning of the 21st century till now, present the trend of flattening all the time, manufacturer adjusts ceaselessly to provincial level general dealer and ground city level dealer and reduce sale area, try to develop more network, develop more dealer to cooperate directly with the company. In the terminal stores, the mode of specialty stores and large stores prevails, while the operation of grocery/small stores is struggling. Some manufacturers start to promote new stores, in an attempt to improve the competitiveness of dealers and brands at the terminal. Dealers' management and cost awareness began to gradually strengthen, rely on the power of manufacturers, improve their own promotion level and sales skills, in order to more land development.

Post time: Jan-25-2021