Methacrylic acid overall market will remain high up operation

Recently, the overall domestic methacrylic acid market showed a trend of high pushing up, the overall trading focus of the market continued to rise, and in the spot supply level continued to be tight, the market actual single transaction price of bulk water increased by 1,500 yuan/ton compared with the closing price of September, pushed up to 14000-14500 yuan/ton. The market as a whole is hard to find low supply, the center of gravity continues to rise. What is the reason for the recent domestic methacrylic acid market price high running trend?

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First of all, the recent domestic methacrylic acid overall supply level is tight, market prices are pushing up operation.

Since October, the production of methyl methacrylate in switchable manufacturers has been the main, so the output of methacrylate has decreased accordingly. In addition, some domestic methacrylic acid manufacturers such as Liaoning Hefa are in the process of parking maintenance and are expected to resume normal operation in November, which also aggravates the overall shortage of domestic methacrylic acid supply.

October imports of methacrylic acid sources also showed a trend of decline. Due to the shutdown and overhaul of northeast Asia methacrylic acid plant in October, the supply side continues to be tight. Therefore, imports of methacrylic acid in October are scarce, and the market supply of actual orders continues to be tight.

Secondly, under the background of traditional peak sales season, the downstream demand atmosphere of domestic methacrylic acid continues to improve.

October coincides with the traditional sales season in the downstream of domestic methacrylic acid, the overall order atmosphere of the downstream terminal shows a positive trend. Take the downstream hydroxyethyl methacrylate as an example. At present, the main offer price in the domestic market has risen to 17,000-17,500 yuan/ton, while the main product of the downstream hydroxypropyl methacrylate has risen to 21,000-21,500 yuan/ton in the mainstream market. Other coatings, additives and other downstream terminal overall order atmosphere also presents a better development mode.

Affected by the positive push and rise of the downstream terminal actual demand, the recent domestic actual demand for methacrylic acid buying atmosphere continues to develop well.

Third, the recent correlation product methyl methacrylate market showed a high rising trend, promoting the rise of the domestic market price of methacrylate.

Since The beginning of October, the domestic market price of methyl methacrylate, a related product of domestic methacrylate, has been actively pushed up, and the overall order atmosphere continues to be good, the mainstream offer price has risen to 13,000-13,500 yuan/ton, the spot supply level shows a tight trend, brokers are cautious to sell mainly, the overall market transaction center rises. Due to the high rise of domestic methyl methacrylate market price, the corresponding promotion of domestic methyl methacrylate market price to maintain the high finishing operation.

To sum up, due to the low load of domestic methacrylic acid installations and tight spot supply recently, the demand for actual orders at downstream terminals continues to improve in the traditional peak season, and the market price of related product methyl methacrylate rises at a high level. Affected by the above positive factors, the recent domestic methacrylic acid market as a whole will remain high running trend.

Post time: Jan-21-2021