Putty powder is mainly divided into gypsum-based putty powder, lime-calcium-based putty powder and cement-based putty powder according to the main raw materials. What is the difference between these three types of putty powder? How do we choose the appropriate type of putty powder in practical applications?

Gypsum-based putty

What is gypsum putty powder?

Gypsum-based putty powder mainly uses hemihydrate gypsum (construction gypsum) as the main inorganic gel material, mixed with heavy calcium, gray calcium, and supplemented by redispersible latex powder, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and other polymer additives , Mixed according to scientific formula. Gypsum-based putty powder has the characteristics of strong adhesion, good leveling and filling performance, high strength, small deformation coefficient, stability and no cracking, etc., and due to the properties of the gypsum itself, it can play a good sound insulation performance, have breathing function, and adjust Wet function etc. Gypsum-based putty powder is generally used for the leveling construction of the bottom wall of the wall. In Sichuan, we also call the gypsum-based putty as leveling gypsum, leveling gypsum, and hydrated gypsum.

What is ash calcium putty powder?

Gray calcium-based putty powder mainly uses gray calcium as an inorganic gel material, heavy calcium as a filler, and supplemented by a variety of polymer additives such as redispersible latex powder, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, and mixed according to a scientific formula. . With the improvement of living standards, the demand for wall decoration quality and home comfort continues to increase. The problem of the yellowish color of gypsum-based putty powder is gradually magnified. Because of its yellowish color, the whiteness of the wall is always not after painting. It is satisfactory, and more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the water resistance of putty powder, and the water resistance of gypsum-based putty powder is poor. The putty powder with lime-calcium powder as the inorganic cementing material has relatively high whiteness, which meets people’s demand for more beautiful wall decoration, and the gray-calcium-based putty powder has high strength, good water resistance and long service life. Gray calcium-based putty powder is generally scraped on the gypsum putty and used as the surface putty material.

cement-based putty

What is cement-based putty powder?

Cement-based putty powder mainly uses cement (white cement) as the inorganic gel material, with heavy calcium, gray calcium, and supplemented by redispersible latex powder, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose and other polymer additives. The formula is mixed. Cement-based putty powder has the characteristics of good water resistance, strong weather resistance, high strength, strong adhesion, etc., but cement-based putty powder is rough and difficult to polish, and has poor decorative effects. Generally, cement-based putty powder is used for exterior walls. Gypsum-based putty powder and gray calcium-based putty powder are used for interior walls.

 redispersible latex powder

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