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Construction cellulose ether is a water-soluble polymer derivative of self-derivatives, and cellulose is the richest natural polymer. Cellulose ether plays an important role in building products, ceramics, paint and daily chemical products.


Enhanced water retention--- improved water retention can protect cement and plaster against poor solidification and  cracking due to speedy drying and inefficient mixing with water.

Workability---mortar plasticizing quality can be improved, which in turn will improve the workability of painting and working  efficiency.

Binding---Due to increased plasticizing quality, mortar can be a better binder.

Slipping resistance---Due to the thickening action of Cellulose Ether, the slipping phenomena of mortar from substance to  be bound can be prevented more efficiently.

As one of the professional cellulose ether manufacturers, Longou provides high performance construction ellulose ether including:

Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC)

Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose (HEMC)

Modified Cellulose Ether

Cellulose ether application:

Cellulose ether is used as stabilizers, thickening agents and viscosity regulators in many industries. It is widely used in building construction, building materials, decentralized coatings, wallpaper slurry, polymerization additives, and paint agents. For example, adhesives, thickening agents and water retention agents for building materials, film formners and thickeners of the coating industry are also used for petroleum drilling and chemical industries.

Please feel free to inquire about the wholesale cellulose ether for construction!

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