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Tile setting & Grouting

Ceramic tile adhesive

Cementitious tile adhesives formulated with MODCELL® cellulose ether and ADHES® redispersible powder from Longou are easy to work with, environmentally friendly, easy to apply.

MODCELL® HPMC and HEMC with different viscosity that we offered used in tile adhesive, it gives the mortar higher water retention and long open time, making it excellent woekability.

ADHES® redispersible powder for tile adhesives deliver high adhesive strength, high sag resistance, increased freeze-thaw stability and very good working properties.


Ceramic Tile Adhesive


Tile grout

Tile grouts incorporating ADHES® products, seal the gaps between tiles and compensate for any unevenness. In addition, tile joints perform an architectural and aesthetic function with their pattern and coloring.

We offer the broadest range of products to improve properties across the complete range of grouting mortars. Our products have been designed to improve workability, filling performance and sag resistance of wall grouts.


Ceramic Tile Adhesive

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