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Pre-mixed Mortar

Masonry Mortar and Plastering

As the most important part of the building materials, cellulose ether plays a crucial role in masonry and plastering mortar.  A good mortar should have good workability, smear smooth non-stick knife, enough opening time, easy leveling; In today's mechanized construction, mortar should also have good pumping property to avoid the possibility of mortar stratification and pipe blocking.  Mortar hardening body should have excellent strength performance and surface appearance, suitable compressive strength, good durability, no cavity, no cracking.

The water retention property of cellulose ether can reduce the moisture absorbed by the multi-void substrate, promote the better hydration of cementing materials, and greatly reduce the probability of early mortar drying and cracking and improve the bond strength in large area construction. Its thickening ability can improve the wetting ability of wet mortar to the base surface. Cellulose ether HPMC makes wet mortar stable, and reduce or avoid delamination, bleeding, can improve the lubricity and rheological properties of mortar, reduce resistance, thus increasing the pumping ability, reduce the labor intensity. The modified cellulose ether provides indispensable sag resistance when applying thick layer mortar, which can reduce construction time and reduce waste.


Pre-mixed Mortar


Wet-mixed mortar

Wet mix mortar is made of cement, fine aggregate, admixture (mainly cellulose ether) and water and according to the performance of various components, according to a certain proportion, in the mixing station by measurement, mixing, the use of mixing truck transported to the use of the place, into a special container storage, and within a specified time to use the wet mix mortar.


Pre-mixed Mortar


Machine spray mortar

Compared with the traditional mortar mixed on site, the biggest difference of machine spray mortar lies in the introduction of a series of additives, such as cellulose ether HPMC or HEMC, which can optimize the performance of mortar, so that the new mixed mortar has good workability, high water retention rate, and still has good working performance after long distance and large height pumping. Its biggest advantage is that the construction efficiency is high, the quality of forming mortar is good, because spraying mortar has a larger initial speed, so it can have a relatively strong adhesion with the substrate, can effectively reduce the hollow and cracking phenomenon.


Pre-mixed Mortar

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